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Franz & Inge Neumann, Golde & Leo Loewenthal, Herbert & Sophie Marcuse, ca. 1937
Franz & Inge Neumann,
Golde & Leo Löwenthal, and
Herbert & Sophie Marcuse, ca. 1937

Inge S. Neumann
(nee Werner)

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Inge Werner was married to Franz Neumann (Franz Neumann page).

They had two sons, Thomas and Michael.Osha's memoir, cover

In 1951 Inge published:

  • European War Crimes Trials: A Bibliography, compiled and annotated by Inge S. Neumann. Additional material furnished by the Wiener Library, London. Edited by Robert A. Rosenbaum. Publisher: New York, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 1951.
    • This bibliography, intended for scholarly use in the field of international law, consists of publications between 1941 and 1950. Approximately two-thirds of the citations are annotated.
    • republished by Greenwood Press, 1978, 113 pages.
    • Inge Neumann page
    • Note: I (Harold Marcuse) have a copy of the original publication. Contact me if there is something you would like checked from that version.
    • There are some interesting materials regarding Inge's life among the Herbert Marcuse Papers at the Archivzentrum in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

In 1954 Franz Neumann died in a car accident.
In 1956 Inge married their close friend Herbert Marcuse.
In 1965 they moved from Newton, Massachusetts to La Jolla, California.

From the mid-1960s until her death on July 31, 1973, Inge taught modern languages at San Diego State University.

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