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Herbert Marcuse
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Lectures from the 2023 IHMS Conference in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany

The International Herbert Marcuse Society (IHMS) hosted the 10th biennial conference 2023 in Frankfurt/Main, honoring the 100th anniversary of the Frankfurt Institute (IfS), organized by P.-E. Jansen (IHMS) and Inka Engel (University Koblenz).

The venues were the student house on campus initiated by Max Horkheimer in 1953 and the Archive Center (JWG). More than 50 contributions by academics from twelve nations reflected not only on the multidimensionality of critical theory, but also on questions of current social crises.

The recordings represent a selection of the numerous presentations. This channel is operated by the Education and Research Association on Herbert Marcuse and Leo Löwenthal, Frankfurt/Main.
Cooperation partners: zu Klampen Verlag, ASTA Uni Frankfurt; Riders in the Storm Frankfurt, University and University of Applied Sciences Koblenz, Filmbüro Wolff.

The conference reader with texts by Marcuse and Löwenthal is available for 5 euros from [email protected].

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