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Renata Bascelli: For a concrete philosophy

Renata Bascelli, Per una filosofia concreta. Alle radici del pensiero di Marcuse (Clinamen, 2018), 132 pages.
['For a concrete philosophy. To the roots of Marcuse's thought'] Bascelli, Radici, cover

Blurb (via Google Translate):
The need for a "concrete philosophy" is the reason that constantly inspires the reflection of Marcuse, from the first writings, which constitute the object of analysis of the present work, up to the works of maturity. And it is in the perspective of that philosophy, in which thinking never appears disjointed from action, which are central concepts such as ideology, truth, utopia, radical action, dialectic, Being, existence, life, need, work, essence, historicity. The author points out how the youthful reflection of Marcuse appears as a result of not marginal Hegelian, Marxian, Diltheyane, Heideggerian influences and at the same time determines the prelude of the original reworking delivered to the texts of clearer notoriety: "Man of One Dimension "; "Eros and civilization".
The thought of Marcuse, from its origins, in virtue of the lucid vision that characterizes it, can still constitute a lesson for the contemporary world and, more generally, to draw a rationally founded and oriented towards praxis as the only viable path in order to face, and perhaps try to solve, the total crisis that is gripping humanity today.

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