Herbert Marcuse's Death, Burial, Grave and Gravestone

Herbert died in July 1979 and was buried in the Berlin Dorotheenstädtischer Cemetery in July 2003.
In August 2004 his family dedicated a symbolic gravestone.

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The epitaph on Herbert's gravestone: "Weitermachen" and his signature
"Weitermachen!" means 'continue!' or
' keep on going'

Herbert's Death:
In the summer of 1979 80-year-old Herbert was invited to participate in the Römerberggespräche in Frankfurt (an annual gathering of intellectuals to discuss a given theme), and then to spend time at the Starnberg Institute for Research About the Scientific-Technical World.

Shortly after the Frankfurt conference Herbert suffered a stroke and died in the hospital at Starnberg.

Family members and friends gathered in the woods near Helmut Dubiel's WG to take leave of Herbert.
The series of photographs below was probably taken by Helmut.
The handwritten sheet in the center has a draft and a final version of Ricky's notes for the program.

Peter Marcuse and Michael Neumann
Peter Marcuse and Herbert's
stepson Michael Neumann

the woods at Starnberg
The spot in the woods at Starnberg

Ricky at the ceremony
Erica Sherover-Marcuse
Rudi Dutschke (1940-1979)
Rudi died very unexpectedly less than 6 months later
Ricky's notes about the program
Barbara, Moishe, Harold Barbara Brick, Moishe Postone, Harold M.
Moishe, Habermas, Barbara, Peter, Rudi around a table
sitting around a table afterwards:
clockwise: Moishe, Habermas, Barbara, Peter, Dutschke

         [above] Ricky=Intro:
Peter -
Permanenz der Künst - Helmut
Rudi - Kurz
Harold - Sonnenschiff [Ingeborg Bachmann]
Whoever wants to say
Über Allen Gipfeln - Helmut/Borden/Utah
Alle Lust [will Ewigkeit]- Ricky
Moishe/Ricky - On Kaddish

Habermas and Peter
Jürgen Habermas and Peter Marcuse

What happened from 1979 to 2003???
Ricky didn't want Herbert, a Jew who had fled from the Nazis, to be buried or even cremated in Germany.
So he was cremated in Austria [not very logical] and his ashes sent to the United States.
They still hadn't been buried at the time of Ricky's untimely death in 1988.
A question from a visitor to this site in 2001 reminded Peter that he had to find the urn and decide what to do with it. The rest of the story is recounted in our Herbert's Ashes Story Page.

start of the burial procession

The burial:
A cemetery official carried Herbert's urn from the chapel to the grave. The Marcuse family fell into line behind him.

The official used a black fishnet stocking to lower the urn into the grave--Irene thought Herbert would have found this funeral attire "a gas."

lowering the urn into the grave
Herbert's grave with wreath from the city of Berlin
Herbert's grave setting
Herbert getting a last drink of scotch
filming Peter at Brecht's grave

The mayor of Berlin's wreath.
The grave in its setting near the wall.
A last drink of Herbert's favorite Scotch.

Peter doing an epitaph statement at the Brecht/Weigel grave for the film crew.

View of the grave from the rear with Bob & Rudi Strahl's grave and two great-granddaughters in the background.

grave from back, with Miriam and Monica

Iinterested in other celebreties' graves?
See Klaus Nerger's Herbert Marcuse gravestone page [2008-9 site; not archvied at Internet Archive]
It has links to photos of the graves of people Herbert knew, such as Heidegger and Adorno, too.

Three pictures from before and after the burial:
Peter and Angela Davis in the Brechthaus
Peter and Angela Davis in the Brechthaus after the burial

where Rosa Luxemburg was murdered
The day before the burial, at Rosa Luxemburg murder site memorial

In the Brechthaus garden

Reception in the Brechthaus garden after the burial

This is what Herbert's grave looked like in late July 2004, before the stone was installed. Photos courtesy of Bernd Schilfert and Hans-Christian Förster
(front view, and view from rear with the Strahl grave in background)
Herbert's grave w/o stone, front view
Herbert's grave w/o stone, back view
These two designs were prepared in June 2004 by stonemason Carlo Wloch,
in consultation with Bruno Flierl, based on guidelines from Peter Marcuse
(the second, protruding "1" profile was chosen)
design for Herbert's gravestone
design for Herbert's gravestone with "1" profile

Various views of Herbert's gravestone.
The profile makes the shape of a "1", a reference to Herbert's seminal critique of capitalist society, One Dimensional Man.
It is a Jewish memorial custom to place stones on a grave
(flowers are for the living).

view of Herbert's gravestone
Herbert's gravestone in its setting
side view of Herbert's gravestone
Herbert's gravestone
East German poet and playwright Rudi Strahl's epitaph (opposite Herbert's grave):

'Let us start the next revolution in an August.'
grave of bob strahl, opposite Herbert's

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