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Liberation from the Affluent Society

"Liberation from the Affluent Society" David Cooper (ed.), in: The Dialectics of Liberation (Harmondsworth/Baltimore: Penguin, 1968), 175-192.

  • Presentation at the London Dialectics of Liberation conference (book introduction)
  • Sound clip (2:20 mins; 417K .wav file), and added 12/8/07: full sound recording (.wmp files)
  • 12/8/07: 12/(17)/07 Nation column by Alexander Cockburn "The Dialectics of Revolution ... Uh, Recycling" (jpg scan). He includes a cute anecdote about when he cooked dinner for Herbert & Inge the night before Herbert's talk.
  • 2015 republication: by Verso. With contributions by Gregory Bateson, Stokely Carmichael, John Gerassi, Lucien Goldmann, Paul Goodman, Jules Henry, R.D. Laing, Herbert Marcuse, and Paul Sweezy. This volume is part of Verso's Radical Thinkers series.
    "A revolutionary compilation of speeches which produced a political groundwork for many of the radical movements in the following decades."

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