Herbert Marcuse
Herbert Marcuse
Publications ยป 1960s

Negations: Essays in Critical Theory

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Negations: Essays in Critical Theory; with translations from the German by Jeremy J. Shapiro (London: Penguin, 1968; Boston: Beacon, 1969; London: Free Association, 1988), 290 p. [UCSB HM101 .M345]

  • The struggle against liberalism in the totalitarian view of the state. [originally in: ZfS 3(1934)]
    The concept of essence (pp. 43-87). [originally in: Zfs 5(1936)]; pp. 47-51 ; 55-62
  • The affirmative character of culture (pp. 88-133). [originally in: ZfS 6(1937)]; pp. 104-107
    Philosophy and critical theory (pp. 134-158). [originally in: ZfS 6(1937)]; pp. 147-154
    On hedonism. [originally in: ZfS 7(1938)] Industrialization and capitalism in the work of Max Weber. ( text in Portugese )
    Love mystified; a critique of Norman O. Brown and a reply to Herbert Marcuse by Norman O. Brown.
  • Aggressiveness in advanced industrial society.

    Summary in The Review of Metaphysics 23:4(June 1970), p. 745.

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