Herbert Marcuse
Herbert Marcuse
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Marxism and Feminism

"Marxism and Feminism," Women's Studies, 2, no. 3 (1974): 279-288.

  • This was a lecture delivered at Stanford University on March 7, 1974. The text was written and re-written after intensive, rigorous and often heated discussions with women. In these discussions I gained insight into largely neglected problems of socialism and into the radical potential of the Women's Movement as a subversive force. With grateful appreciation, this text is dedicated to: Catherine Asmann; Carol Becker; Anne-Marie Feenberg; Ruth George; Antonia Kaus and Susan Orlofsky.
  • It was reprinted in 2006: Differences 2006 17(1):147-157.
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  • It was also reprinted in: Collected Papers of Herbert Marcuse, Vol. 3 The New Left and the 1960s, edited by Douglas Kellner, chapter XII.

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