Herbert Marcuse
Herbert Marcuse
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The Essential Marcuse

An overview of Herbert Marcuse’s political and philosophical writing over four decades, with excerpts from his major books as well as essays from various academic journals.


  • "Introduction: The Critical Theory of Herbert Marcuse"
    by Andrew Feenberg & William Leiss
  • Part I. Political Critique
    1. "The Individual in the Great Society," [from Alternatives, a student journal, 1966]
    2. "Remarks on a Redefinition of Culture" [from Daedalus, 1965]
    3. "Repressive Tolerance" [from A Critique of Pure Tolerance, Beacon]
  • Part II: Marxism and Existentialism
    1. "A Note on Dialectic" [from Reason and Revolution, Beacon]
    2. "The Foundations of Historical Materialism" [from Studies in Critical Philosophy, Beacon]
    3. "Heidegger's Politics: An Interview with Herbert Marcuse" [from Graduate Philosophy Journal, 1977]
    4. "Sartre's Existentialism" [from Studies in Critical Philosophy, Beacon]
    5. "Freedom and Freud's Theory of Instincts" [from Five Lectures, Beacon]
  • Part III. Philosophical Critique
    1. "Philosophical Interlude" [from Eros and Civilization, Beacon]
    2. "The Affirmative Character of Culture" [from Negations, Beacon]
    3. "Nature and Revolution" [from Counter-Revolution and Revolt, Beacon]

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