cover of One Dimensional Man, English

One-Dimensional Man:

Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society

by Herbert Marcuse
(Boston: Beacon, 1964)

cover of One Dimensional Man, German

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Note 12/11/06: By request of the publisher, who fears decreased sales of this book, chapters 2-9 have been removed from the internet offering.

Table of Contents of One-Dimensional Man

Introduction: The Paralysis of Criticism: Society Without Opposition

Part I: One-Dimensional Society

1. The New Forms of Control
2. The Closing of the Political Universe
3. The Conquest of the Unhappy Consciousness: Repressive Desublimation
4. The Closing of the Universe of Discourse

Part II: One-Dimensional Thought

5. Negative Thinking: The Defeated Logic of Protest
6. From Negative to Positive Thinking: Technological Rationality and the Logic of Domination
7. The Triumph of Positive Thinking: One-Dimensional Philosophy

Part III: The Chance of the Alternatives

8. The Historical Commitment of Philosophy
9. The Catastrophe of Liberation
10. Conclusion

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