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Herbert Marcuse
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Alan J. Dobson Bio

Dobson, Alan J., England (b. 1950s?) (not Alan P. of Dundee, Scotland).

  • On July 5, 2005 Dobson wrote the following in this site's guestbook:
    "I wrote my Ph.D on Herbert's work at the University of Sheffield UK. I still regulary reread his work and derive considerable intellectual excitement therefrom. It is a paradox Herbert would appreciate that the continued relevence of his work is both a matter for the celebration of his understanding of capitalism and a source of depression that capitalism has increased its capacity to secure itself against opposition."
  • The British library catalog copac.ac.uk lists:
    The Concepts of Reason and Essence in the Writings of Herbert Marcuse: With Special Emphasis on the Period 1964-1979, Thesis (Ph.D.) - University of Sheffield, Dept. of Politics, 1989. (copac record search)
  • In September 2008 he submitted this manuscript to the Guardian newspaper, which did not publish it--although it offers a nice summary of Herbert's analysis of consumer society and the potential for a utopian revolution: '"Be realistic, demand the impossible:" Alan Dobson examines the ideas of a thinker whose ideas were a major influence upon the student radicals of 1968.' (7 page pdf)
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