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Wald, Alan R. (b. ?1946)

  • From an Aug. 2006 e-mail, from Sherman Oaks:
    I was a student of your grandfather from 1967-1969.
    I remember him giving a public lecture on campus in one of the large lecture halls (in fact his class room lectures were so popular that registered students had to show a special ID care that proved they were in the class to get in) and a student asked for direction in terms of today's politics. Marcuse replied that back in Germany when he was active they did "their thing" (he didn't use those exact words) and that you should do yours. He then told us one of his favorite quotes from Marx. "There is no blueprint for a free society". I believe this is in Vol II of Das Kapital at that time was not widely read and possibly not available yet in English translation (I am not sure about this but I seem to remember something to that effect).
    Another time, in class, a student tried to elicit a personal opinion from him and he replied "We are studying Hegel, not Marcuse."
    His office was always open for anyone (including the six young republicans on campus) to come in and visit and chat about anything.
    • I received the following in an email in July 2009:
      Also my friend Alan Wald took Marcuse's philosophy class at ucsd when Angela Davis was the TA. It was very popular. On the class reading list was Sartre's Anti-semite and Jew & propaganda section form Mein Kampf. I just found that interesting. According to Alan professor Marcuse refused to speak on his works in class and stayed on the class subject.
      Alan is the son of screenwriter Malvin Wald.
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