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Doug Ireland Bio

Ireland, Doug (1946-2013), radical political journalist and media critic. [updated 7/5/18]

  • Writer and columnist Doug Irelandfor the pre-Murdoch New York Post, Village Voice (serving for seven years as its chief media critic), the New York Observer, and the Parisian daily Liberation, The Nation (1999-2006) , L.A. Weekly, and other publications. He was also a contributing editor of POZ magazine and In These Times, and the former media critic for TomPaine.com. Prior to 1977 he worked on the staff of four presidential campaigns for liberal Democrats. (See Doug's blog bio)
  • In July 2005 he wrote an excellent 107th birthday tribute to Herbert on his blog DIRELAND.
    In an e-mail to friends and colleagues soliciting reminiscences he wrote the following:
    "It just kills me, when I'm invited to talk to college classes, or groups of younger activists, that when I mention Marcuse's name, the kids have eyes like refrigerators -- they've never heard of him. The historical-cultural illiteracy of today's youth bodes very badly for the future. And dear old Herbert, who has so much to teach them today, is quite ignored... So, may I ask you to help light a little candle against this darkness and call attention to him? I've expanded this post considerably since it was first put up yesterday, and I think it now has enough material to titillate the younger readers and make them want to explore his writings...."
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