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Tebano, Elena (b.1976)Elena Tebano, Italian Marcuse-scholar

  • Article on Herbert's "Proust-Notizen" and their relationship to Eros and Civilization:
    "Le nuove 'Proust Notizen' nella genesi di Eros e civiltà," in Belfagor, 57:6(30 novembre 2002) (n. 342), 693-701. (full text available)In the 2004 issue no. 22 of the French journal Genesis, "Philosophie" (journal contents):
    Marcuse: réflexions sur l'autoritarisme et sur la construction d'une théorie critique, p. 143
    Inédit: Manuscrits de Marcuse, présentés par Elena Tebano, p. 157
    • In Dec. 2002 Elena described the projected article in an e-mail: "I'm analyzing the first version of a Marcusean essay about Pareto, which was published 1936 in the 'Studien ueber Autoritaet und Familie'; of the Institute for Social Research. The review is concerned in 'critique genetique' and my article will be a rather philological one. I also will try to describe the way Marcuse worked and wrote."
  • See her blog, Spolitica: istruzioni per resistere al blabla dei politici
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