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George Katsiaficas Bio

Katsiaficas, GeorgeGeorge Katasfiacas (b. 1949), Department of Sociology Chonnam National University, Gwangju, South Korea (CV) [update 9/17]

  • From a 2008 email: "I knew Herbert pretty well in the 1970s in San Diego and was tremendously influenced by him. Without his presence in my life, I definitely never would have gone to graduate school, or I suspect, taken myself seriously as an intellectual. I contributed the afterword to Vol. 3 of his collected works edited by Doug Kellner and attach a version of that essay."
  • His website, www.eroseffect.com.
  • Some of his many publications are Marcuse-relevant:
    • "Marcuse as an Activist: Reminiscences of His Theory and Practice," in: New Political Science 36:7(Summer/Fall 1996) (8 page pdf); also published as "Marcuse as Activist: Reminiscences on his Theory and Practice," in: Douglas Kellner (ed.), Herbert Marcuse: The New Left and the 1960s (New York: Routledge, 2005), 192-203.
    • Toward a Global People's Uprising
    • Eros Effect: People Power and People's Uprisings video (9:20; 307 views Dec. 2014)
      "From 1968 to the East Asian Uprisings of the 1980s and 1990s (Gwangju, South Korea in particular) a new type of popular uprising has appeared. Often dubbed "people power" these protests reveal how thousands of ordinary people, acting together in the streets, exhibit an intelligence far greater than elites which today rule over nation-states and international economic institutions. While our elites make wars and preside over a world system in which millions starve to death, ordinary citizens seek to create a world of peace and security. A global uprising against war and neoliberalism could help create a world based on human love for each other--eros."
    • March 2011 interview in Berkeley, CA (video 14:21; 795 views in Dec. 2014)
    • "Eros and Revolution" Paper Prepared for the Critical Refusals Conference of the International Herbert Marcuse Society Philadelphia, October 28, 2011. Available on the web at ErosEffect.com, where one can also find more biographical information.
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