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Lerner, MichaelMichael Lerner (b. 1943). Rabbi, editor of Tikkun magazine.

  • Rabbi Lerner studied at the Jewish Theological Seminary and was a student and protégé of Abraham Joshua Heschel. He received an A.B. from Columbia. He received a Ph.D. in philosophy in 1972 from the University of California in Berkeley and a second Ph.d. in clinical psychology at the Wright Institute in Berkeley in 1977. Founded the Tikkun Community in 2002.
  • Lerner was chair of the Berkeley chapter of SDS in 1965 and visited Marcuse, stayed at his home, and developed a friendship with him.
  • In 1969, a statement on the Middle East written by Michael Lerner and Mario Savio on behalf of the Berkeley Chapter of the Committee for a Progressive Middle East was published in Judaism, (Fall, 1969), pp. 483-487. Lerner reports that Marcuse “was very much supportive” of this statement,” and that in Lerner’s opinion “the statement summed up his position on Israel at the time… and this is part of what drew him to attend my religious services” [Michael Lerner to Jack Jacobs, May 25, 2010].
  • Michael P. Lerner, “Jewish New Leftism at Berkeley,” Judaism, 18:4(Fall, 1969), p. 473
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