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Miedzian, Myriam Malinovich: former professor of philosophy (Brooklyn College, Rutgers, San Diego State), lecturer and author of books, articles, Op-Eds, and blogs on social, cultural, and political issues.

  • Ph.D in philosophy, Columbia University, 1964: "Gilbert Ryle and Jean-Paul Sartre: a comparative study of two theories of mind."
  • Many of her articles (including an interview with Herbert and an article about him) appear on her website: myriammiedzian.com:
  • On August 7, 2007 Myriam Miedzian wrote in an e-mail:
    Now for a bit of personal history. My ex-husband Stanley Malinovich taught philosophy at UCSD from 1967 to 1972. I was relegated to San Diego State—very typical at the time. I also taught philosophy.
    We soon became friends with Herbert and Inge. We were both very fond of them. Unlike some Marxists and other left wingers we had known their concern was not just with humanity, but also with people. They were as kind and considerate with the person who cleaned their house as with illustrious colleagues. Herbert had a great sense of humor. I still smile when I think about how he called my older daughter Brunhilde when she was a baby—she was known to scream quite a bit. (Her real name is Nadia and by the way, she got her Ph.D. in Modern European History from Michigan—her area is French Jewish History. She got there in ’91, so you just overlapped one year.)
  • Most recently the author of: He Walked Through Walls: A Twentieth Century Tale of Survival (Lantern Books, 2009; $16 at amazon)--this is her father's "memoir," focused on how he managed to survive three twentieth century European wars.
  • Books:
    • Boys Will Be Boys: Breaking The Link Between Masculinity And
      (Doubleday 1991, revised edition Lantern 2002)
    • Generations: A Century Of Women Speak About Their Lives (The Atlantic
      Monthly Press, 1997)
  • Op-Eds and Blogs include: Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Miami Herald,
    Philadelphia Enquirer, Seattle Times, Huffington Post
  • Public Speaking and Media: Princeton, Harvard, Duke, California
    Attorney General & Department of Education Conference, Barcelona II
    International Citizens Meeting, Charlie Rose, Larry King. Also advised the
    Clinton Administration’s Violence Prevention Task Force, and testified
    before the U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on Children,
    Youth, and Families.
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