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de Oliveira, Robespierre (b. 1962)Robespierre de Oliveira, Professor in Brazil at Universidade Estadual de Maringá (State University of Maringa, Paraná) and at Universidade Estadual de São Paulo (Atate University of São Paulo) at its Marilia Campus.

  • Wrote his MA and PhD theses on Critical Theory and Marcuse's theory. He is trying (2011) to publish his Ph.D. thesis: O papel da filosofia na teoria crítica de Marcuse.author of " A dialética da libertação: contracultura e sociedade unidimensional," in: CULT [9/2019: internet archive version] (Nov. 17, 2010).see his Sept. 2005 guestbook entry (9/2019: archived as pdf) puppet made for Robespierre de Oliveira In January 2011 he contributed this description of the situation of Marcuse studies in Brazil:
    Critical theory in Brazil is split into Habermasians and Honnethians, and the first generation on the other side. Most people prefer to study Adorno and Benjamin, specially because of aesthetics. There are a few who study Horkheimer. Marcuseans are a little bit more.
    Maria Thereza de Campos has published her M.A. thesis: Marcuse, Realidade e Utopia (Ed. Annablume, 2004; publisher's page).
    Imaculada Kangussu published her doctoral thesis: Leis da Liberdade - A relação entre estética e p olítica na obra de Herbert Marcuse (Ed. Loyola, 2008; purchase at terradosaber; review at portalliteral[9/2019: version on internet archive]).
    There are other books, one about Marcuse and Hannah Arendt about revolution. I have done Portuguese translations of some Marcuse's texts. The translations of One-Dimensional Man, Eros and Civilization, Reason and Revolution, among others, are awful. Besides
    Jorge Coelho Soares, Isabel Maria Loureiro have described the bad reception the theory of Marcuse had in Brazil during the military dictatorship. I have supervised some students on Marcuse's work and critical theory. Some Marcuseans I know here: Rafael Cordeiro Silva, from Federal University of Uberlandia (he is studying Nature in Marcuse, Marilia Pizani, from Mackenzie University and São Judas University, (she is studying Marcuse and Pierre Clastres) Silvio Carneiro, from São Camilo (he studies Marcuse and Foucault).
  • Attached are two photos of a puppet a former student of mine made for me of Marcuse with his book Razão e revolução.
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