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Maley, Terry: Professor of Politics at York University, Toronto.

  • BA (University of Toronto), MA (York University), PhD (University of Toronto).
    Maley teaches Political and Social Thought in the Department of Politics and in the Graduate Program in Social and Political Thought at York University. His research interests are:
    • the critique of domination in the first generation of Critical Theorists, and Marcuse in particular;
    • radical democratic political theory and its relation to Marcuse‚Äôs work;
    • the relationship between new horizontal forms of organization in social movements and the critique of the neoliberal state seen through a Marcusean lens.
  • His publications include:
    • editor: One-Dimensional Man 50 Years On: The Struggle Continues (Halifax: Fernwood Publishing, 2017)
      Maley also wrote the Introduction and the chapter "Beyond One-Dimensionality" (Publisher's webpage) "Introduction: Five New Lectures - In Context," in: Peter-Erwin-Jansen, Sarah Surak and Charles Reitz (eds.), Herbert Marcuse: The Transvaluation of Values and Radical Social Change: Five New Lectures, 1966-76. (International Herbert Marcuse Society, 2017).
    • Dean Caivano, Rodney Doody, Terry Maley, Chris Vandenberg, "Critical Pedagogy in the Neoliberal University: Reflections on the 2015 York University Strike through a Marcusean Lens", New Political Science, 2016. v. 38, issue 4: Marcuse in the Twenty-First Century: Radical Politics, Critical Theory and Revolutionary Praxis.

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