The Death of an Amiable Child
By Irene Marcuse

An Anita Servi Novel

Lillian, "the lady of the landing," was a small, elderly white woman who occasionally slept on the floor in Anita Servi's apartment building. Some tenants had complained, but there were also those who tried to help her. On this April Monday morning, when five-year-old Clea ran into the apartment to tell her mother that the lady smelled had, it was clear that help was no longer necessary, only justice.  For Anita, serving the cause of justice was a way of life. Working with the elderly on New York City's Upper West Side, she'd learned how they were treated and mistreated. Using her contacts to move through the seemingly uncaring worlds of police, social services, and city agencies, Anita begins to piece together Lillian's story. Then she finds some papers that not only offer most of the answers, but also lead her to Riverside Park's Memorial to the Amiable Child. . . and threaten to create a need for her own headstone.  Vivid, moving, and compelling, The Death of an Amiable Child introduces a sleuth whose compassion and intelligence will win her countless loyal fans.

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ISBN 0-8027-3346-8
$23.95 / $35.95 Canada HC

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