written and illustrated by Miriam Marcuse-Kubitza
March 2001 (2nd grade)

Chapter 1: The Bag

Once upon a time there lived a jellyfish named Jamy.
He had some friends named Zonk, Zink and Zip.
They lived in a coral reef.
One day a bag fell into the ocean.
They thought it was a trap, so they swam away.
But the bag followed them.
The animals swam farther, but the bag followed them.
They were so mad that they tore up the bag.
But they had no place to live.
So they swam farther and farther until they found a home.
But the bag followed them.
It had put itself back together.
"How?" asked Zonk.
"Yeah," said Zink.
"It must be magic," said Zip.
"It has a coral reef in it," said Jamy.
"Letís live in it!" they cried.
And so they did.
"I like this," said Jamy.
"Yeah," said Zink.
"Uh-huh," said Zonk.
"Itís a nice place to live in," said Jamy.
"You were right," said Zip.

Chapter 2: The Jellyfish Killer

Jamy, Zink, Zonk, Zip run away"Letís travel," said Zip.
"Go to Greece," said another fish.
"Okay," said Jamy.
And so they did. In Greece there were lots of rocks.
"Ah," said Jamy, as he lay down on the rocks.
"Watch out!" screamed Zonk, Zink and Zip, "a jellyfish-catcher!"
Jamy swam away. This place is dangerous. They swam away.
"That was close," they said.
They asked the bag what to do.
The bag said, "Something happened here while you were gone."
"What?" they asked.
"There were some sharks. I captured them and took them away."
"Where to?" said Zonk.
"Far away," said the bag.
"Will they come back?" said Zip.
"Yes," said the bag.
"We will fight them. We need more animals," said Zink.
Some fish passed by.
"Will you help us fight the sharks?" they said.
The other fish said, "Yes, our names are Loly, Toly, and Roly."
So they practiced for the war.

Chapter 3: The Mysterious Sharks

Jamy and the sharksThe sharks came the very next day.
They tried to fight them, but the sharks disappeared in mid-water.
Then the sharks reappeared.
"Go!!!!!" cried Zonk.
The fish attacked and bit the sharks!
The sharks surrendered and swam away.
"Yay, we won!" the fish cried.
"NowÖ," said Zink.
"Now that we are free," said Zip, "we can do whatever we want to."
And so they did.

Chapter 4: The Merry Christmas

Jamy at ChristmasWe were singing Christmas songs when someone knocked on the door.
"Santa Fish!" cried Zonk, Zink, Zip and Jamy.
They opened the door.
The bag was carrying presents.
"Yay!" they cried, and went to bed.
That night the bag filled their stockings and hid.
That morning they came downstairs and looked into their stockings, but Ö

Chapter 5: The Mix-Up

May and his friends

Everything was mixed up.
"This is yours, this is mine, this is yours, this is mine."
It went on for an hour, then everyone had what they wanted.
And they lived happily ever after!

The End