Miriamís 2nd Grade "Student of the Month" Award Assembly

Isla Vista School, January 26, 2001

The auditorium from the back.

The Auditorium from the back

View from the front.

View from the front

Ms. Benz's Awardees: Al, Fran, and Miriam.

Ms. Benzís Awardees: Al, Fran, and Miriam
excellence in math; improvement in English; math skills & reading improvement

The class.

The Class: back row: Alexandra (with hand raised), Frida, Border
middle: Jimmy, Grace, Caitlin, Ms. Benz
front: (in pink: from another class), Allison, (Gi'il)

Mr. Corral and the awardees on stage.

Mr. Corral and the awardees on stage