boarding the plane title page A Misleading Adventure

Miriam Marcuse-Kubitza
Ms. Pack, 4th grade, Isla Vista School
May, 2003

Chapter 1: Baja California.

in the car Ashley and Amber packed their bags to go camping on the beach in Baja California. They got in the car and were driving to the airport when Amber said, "I hope nothing happens. Iíve never flown on a plane to go camping before."

running to the gate"Well, of course we havenít," said Ashley, "but youíve got to get used to it." The rest of the car ride was silent as they drove to the airport. When they got there they were a bit late, so they ran to the gate and got on the plane.
"Whew, we made it," said Amber.
"Well, Iím glad they let us on," said Ashley.

As they got on the plane, the TV screen was showing big coats and jackets, hats, gloves and scarves, and everything else youíd need for going to the icecaps.
"Geez, thatís a weird commercial for going to Baja California," said Amber.
watching the video"Uh, I donít think itís a commercial," said Ashley. It turned out it wasnít a commercial. Instead, it was a guide for what you should bring to the polar ice caps.
"Why are they showing this on a plane that is going to Baja California?" said Amber.
"Uhhhhhh Ö I just want to go to sleep," said Ashley.

Chapter 2: The Polar Ice Caps.

The girls slept for the rest of the trip, and when they got to what they thought was Baja California, the plane stopped and they got off. It was freezing outside. For the girlsí t-shirts and shorts this was no match. They were already turning red and a wind was blowing them off their feet.
getting off the plane"You donít suppose weíre in the wrong place, do you?" said Amber.
"Uh, I actually think we did get in the wrong plane. I think this is one of the ice caps," said Ashley.
"Which one?" said Amber in a small voice.
"Uhh," Ashley looked around and said, "north."

the plane departs"Everybody off," cried the pilot, "this is the last stop."
"Letís go," said Amber in an urgent voice, "we have to catch him before he leaves. We have to get to Baja California." But just then the jets started and the plane was off.
"Ohh, right, now weíve done it," said Ashley.
"Did you bring anything warm?" said Amber.
"Umm, I brought jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt, and a sweater and boots," said Ashley, "how about you?"
"Same," answered Amber quickly. She was near freezing.
"Letís change."
changing clothes"Out in the middle of nowhere? Weíll freeze to death!"
on the tundra "I have an idea. Weíll do it one way. Weíll take off the shorts and put on the jeans, then weíll take off the short-sleeved shirt and put on the long-sleeved shirt, one thing at a time," said Amber.
"OK," said Ashley.

So the girls changed. They threw on their sweatshirts and boots, and started on their journey to find eskimos. But still, imagine going out in the snow in only jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt and sweatshirt that you wear every day to school. I mean, really! No scarves, no hats, either. Who would bring those to Baja California? This is beginning to turn out like a misleading adventure.

* * *
Chapter 3: The Wild Tundra.

the girls argueThe girls walked along until Ashley said, "Are we ever going to find eskimos?"
Then Amber said, "Well you said it was the North Pole. That's where Eskimos are."

"Well, I was just guessing. What would your guess have been?"
"South," replied Amber.
"Knowing you, Amber, you would have chosen north, too," said Ashley.
"Would not!"
"Would too!" Besides, I know you're smarter than that. Your know there are penguins on the South Pole, but not the north, and we've walked a long way and haven't seen any penguins."
"Well, maybe there is a flock of penguins farther away from us."
"No, there isn't. Besides, this looks exactly like the tundra. Snap out of it. Let's just pretend this must be the north."

"Let's call it the s-n pole until we know for sure. Come if there's polar bears, you win, if there are penguins, I win. Deal?" said Amber.
"Well, I guess deal," said As

the endless tundra

The girls walked on endlessly. It seemed that there was no end to, well, what you can call the tundra if your are on Ashley's side. If you are on Amber's, choose an ice field.

If you know this story, or have learned about the polar ice caps, then you know that Ashley is right. But if you like Amber better than Ashley, don't worry, she will show Ashley what the right answer is.

Chapter 4: Eskimos and Polar Bears

a polar bearThe girls walked on and on. Then finally they saw something white and furry.
"What's that?" asked Amber.
"It's, it's a polar bear," answered Ashley, "told you, told you so. Well Ö I don't want to start an argument. I know you said south because there were no Eskimos."
"Ok, ok, you got me," replied Amber.

The girls got on the polar bear's back and were carried to what they thought were Eskimos."

* * *
Chapter 5: Meeting Surprises and "Eskimos"

meeting an "eskimo"The polar bear carried the girls to some igloos. In the doorway of one of the igloos stood a tall figure.
"Uhh, hello," said Ashley timidly.
"Hello," said the stranger.
"Oh my gosh," said Amber.

the plane is brokenAs the figure stepped closer, the two girls made out the pilot who actually brought them there in the first place.
"Can you fly us home?" asked Ashley?
"I'm afraid not," said the pilot.
"Why," whined Ashley.
"Because the plane is a little bit broken," said the pilot.
"I can fix that," said Amber, who was a whiz at mechanics.
She got the plane ready and all three began their journey home.

Chapter 6: Home again!

home again"I'm never doing that again," said Amber.
"Neither am I," replied Ashley.
The two girls' plane landed. When it did, Ashley, Amber and the pilot all said, "We're home again!!"
And that is the end of the misleading adventure.








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