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Reitz, Charles ReitzCharles (b. 1945?), emeritus professor of philosophy and German at Kansas City, KS Community College

  • KCKCC homepage; worldcat timeline courses: Introduction to Philosophy, Ethics, and Logic; also Education in a Multicultural Society
  • 2000: Art, Alienation, and the Humanities: A Critical Engagement with Herbert Marcuse (SUNY Press, 2000). See entry on Books About page. ($32 on amazon)
  • 2011 (with Stephen Spartan), Critical Work and Radical Pedagogy: Recalling Herbert Marcuse, 46 pages ($15 on amazon)
  • 2015 (editor and contributor): Crisis and Commonwealth: Marcuse, Marx, McLaren (Lexington Books, 2015), 332 pages ($46 on amazon)
  • 2016: Philosophy & Critical Pedagogy: Insurrection & Commonwealth (Peter Lang, 2015), pages ($40 at amazon)
    • Reconsiders Marcuse’s hitherto misunderstood and neglected philosophy of labor, resulting in a labor theory of ethics.This develops commonwealth criteria of judgment regarding the real and enduring economic and political possibilities that concretely encompass all of our engagement and action. Marcuse’s newly discovered 1974 Paris Lectures are examined and the theories of Georg Lukács and Ernest Manheim contextualize the analysis to permit a critical assessment of the nature of dialectical methodology today. Revolutionary strategy and a common-ground political program against intensifying inequalities of class, race, and gender comprise the book’s commonwealth counter-offensive. 2017 Five New Lectures  Contents
  • 2017: Charles Reitz (ed., with Peter-Erwin Jansen and Sarah Surak), Herbert Marcuse, Transvaluation of Values and Radical Social Change: Five New Lectures, 1966-1976 (Createspace, 2017), 174 pages ($20 on amazon)
    • Terry Maley, "Introduction: Five New Lectures--in Context"
    • "The Rationality of Philosophy," San Diego, 1966
    • "Protest and Futility," Berkeley, 1967
    • "Art and the Transvaluation of Values," Toronto, 1976
    • "The University and Raidical Social Change," Kent State, 1976
    • "The Radical Transformation of Norms, Needs and Values," Saint Louis, 1977
    • Charles Reitz, "Recalling Herbert Marcuse"
    • Peter-Erwin Jansen, "The Desire for Community"
    • Andrew Feenberg, "Afterword: Marcuse's Dialectic"Ecology and Revolution book cover
  • 2018: Ecology and Revolution: Herbert Marcuse and the Challenge of a New World System Today (Critical Interventions)(Routledge, 2018), 208pp. ($40 on amazon or Createspace version $18)
    • Ecology and Revolution attempts to understand the economic architecture of wealth extraction that undergirds today’s intensifying inequalities of class, race, and gender, within a revolutionary ecological frame. Relying on newly discovered texts from the Frankfurt Marcuse Archive, this book builds theory and practice for an alternate world system. Reitz develops a GreenCommonWealth Counter-Offensive, a strategy for revolutionary ecological liberation with core features of racial equality, gender equality, liberation of labor, restoration of nature, leisure, abundance, and peace.

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