Herbert Marcuse
Herbert Marcuse

Chronological Index of Marcuse's Publications

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1920s top
1922 dissertation Der deutsche Künstlerroman
1925 book Schiller-bibliographie - Annotated bibliography on Schiller (in German)
1940s top
1941 book Reason and Revolution - An Introduction to the Dialectical Thinking of Hegel and Marx
1950s top
1955 book Eros and Civilization - A Philosophical Inquiry into Freud
1960s top
1963 paper Notes on Philosophy
1964 article On Science and Phenomenology
1964 article World without a Logos
1965 article Comes the Revolution - Partisan Review
1965 book Einige Streitfragen - Praxis
1965 book Nachwort von Herbert Marcuse - Zur Kritik der Gewalt und andere Aufsätze
1965 book One-Dimensional Man - Studies in the Ideology of Advanced Industrial Society
1965 chapter Repressive Tolerance - chapter from the book A Critique of Pure Tolerance
1965 book Socialist Humanism - Socialist Humanism: An International Symposium
1965 article Statement on Vietnam - Partisan Review
1966 book Ethics and Revolution - Ethics and Society
1966 article The Individual in the Great Society - Alternatives
1966 lecture The Rationality of Philosophy - Transvaluation of Values
1966 book Sommes-nous-déjà des hommes? - Partisans
1966 article Vietnam: Analyse eines Exempels - Neue Kritik
1966 book Zur Geschichte der Dialektik - Sowjetsystem und Demokratische Gesellschaft
1967 article Art in the One-Dimensional Society - Arts Magazine
1967 article Die Gesellschaft als Kunstwerk - German Original of Die Gesellschaft als Kunstwerk
1967 book Faschismus und Kapitalismus: Theorien über die sozialien Ursprünge und die Funktion des Faschismus
1967 book The Inner Logic of American Policy in Vietnam - Teach-Ins, USA: Reports, Opinions, Documents
1967 article Ist die Idee der Revolution eine Mystifikation? - Kursbuch
1967 lecture Liberation from the Affluent Society - English Original of Liberation from the Affluent Society
1967 book The Obsolescence of Marxism? - Marx and the Western World
1967 article On Changing the World: A Reply to Karl Miller - Monthly Review
1967 article Philosophy and Revolution - Three Essays
1967 lecture Protest and Futility
1967 book The Responsibility of Science - The Responsibility of Power
1967 book Thoughts on the Defense of Gracchus Babeuf - The Defense of Gracchus Babeuf Before the High Court of Vendôme
1967 article Ziele, Formen und Aussichten der Studentopposition - Das Argument
1967 article Zum Begriff der Negation in der Dialektik - Filosoficky casopis
1968 book Aggressivität in der gegenwärtigen Industriegessellschaft - Aggression und Anpassung in der Industriegesellschaft
1968 article Friede als Utopie
1968 book Negations: Essays in Critical Theory
1968 book Psychoanalyse und Politik
1968 article The Paris Rebellion - Peace News
1968 letter The People's Choice - The New York Review of Books
1968 article Zur Situation der Neuen Linken - German translation of 'On the New Left'
1969 letter Correspondence on the German Student Movement
1969 book An Essay on Liberation
1969 book Ideen zu einer kritischen Theorie der Gesellschaft - Frankfurt: Suhrkamp
1969 article Marx's Concept of Revolution
1969 article Nicht einfach zerstören - Neues Forum
1969 book On the New Left - The New Left: A Documentary History
1969 article Re-examination of the Concept of Revolution
1969 book Reflexion zu Theodor W. Adorno - Aus einem Gespräch mit Michaela Seiffe - Surhkamp
1969 article Revolutionary Subject and Self-Government - Praxis
1969 book Sociedad Industrial y el Marxismo
1969 lecture Herbert Marcuse speech in Sproul Plaza - University of California, Berkeley
1969 article Student Protest is Non-violent Next to Society Itself - New York Times Magazine
1969 article Student Protest is Nonviolent Next to the Society Itself - New York Times
1969 book The Obsolescence of Psychoanalysis - Black Swan Press
1969 article The Realm of Freedom and the Realm of Necessity - Praxis
1969 article The Relevance of Reality - Beacon Press
1970s top
1970 lecture Apocalypse or apocrypha?
1970 article Art as a Form of Reality - Viking
1970 lecture The End of Utopia - English translation of The End of Utopia
1970 article Humanismus--gibt's den noch - Neues Forum
1970 book Marxism and the New Humanity: An Unfinished Revolution - Temple University Press
1970 article Only a Free Arab World Can Co-exist with a Free Israel - Israel Horizons
1970 book Prophets of Deceit: A Study of the Techniques of the American Agitator - Forward
1970 book Five Lectures: Psychoanalysis, Politics, and Utopia - Beacon Press
1970 article Riot and Representation: The Significance of the Chicano Riot - Bureau of Public Secrets
1971 book Aggression: Das dritte Gespräch - Aggression: Die Brutalisierung der modernen Welt
1971 book Charles Reich as Revolutionary Ostrich - The Con III Controversy: The Critics Look at
1971 letter Dear Angela - Ramparts
1971 article Letters to Chicago Surrealists - Arsenal
1971 lecture The Movement in a New Era of Repression
1971 book Per una nova definicio de la cultura
1971 article Reflections on Calley - New York Times
1971 article The Concept of Negation in the Dialectic - Telos
1971 article The Movement in a New Era of Repression: An Assessment - Berkeley Journal of Sociology
1972 article A Reply to Lucien Goldmann - Partisan Review
1972 article Art and Revolution - Partisan Review
1972 article Art as a Form of Reality - New Left Review
1972 book Art in the One-Dimensional Society - Radical Perspectives in the Arts
1972 book Counterrevolution and Revolt
1972 article Das ist noch Utopie - Jerusalem Post
1972 book From Luther to Popper
1972 book Studies in Critical Philosophy - NLB
1972 book The defense of Gracchus Babeuf before the High Court of Vendome - New York: Schocken
1973 book A Revolution in Values - Political Ideologies
1973 article Controversy - Society 10:6
1973 book Existentialistische Marx-Interpretation
1973 article When Law and Morality Stand in the Way - Society
1974 article Marxism and Feminism - Women's Studies
1975 book Fragments - Salmagundi 29
1975 book Zeit-Messungen: Drei Vorträge und ein Interview
1976 article On the Problem of the Dialectic - Telos 27
1976 chapter Opinion in Simon Wiesenthal’s "The Sunflower: On the Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness"
1976 article Un nouvel ordre - Le Monde Diplomatique
1977 book Die Permanenz der Kunst: Wider eine bestimmte marxistische Ästhetik: Ein Essay
1977 chapter Enttäuschung - Erinnerung an Martin Heidegger
1977 chapter Interview with R. Kearney - Crane Bag 1:1
1977 article Murder Is Not a Political Weapon
1978 book Gespräche mit Herbert Marcuse
1978 article Lyric Poetry after Auschwitz
1978 book Protosozialismus und Spätkapitalismus - kritik - Zeitschrift für sozialistische Diskussion, 6:19
1978 book The Aesthetic Dimension: Toward a Critique of Marxist Aesthetics
1978 article Theory and Politics: A Discussion - Telos 38
1979 book The Aesthetic Dimension - Toward A Critique of Marxist Aesthetics
1979 article Die Angst des Prometheus - tageszeitung
1979 chapter Die Ideologie des Todes
1979 lecture Ecology and the Critique of Modern Society
1979 lecture Failure of the New Left? - New German Critique, 18
1979 article The Reification of the Proletariat - Vol. 3 No. 1 Canadian Journal of Political and Social Theory
1979 book Studentenbewegung: Und was danach? - Argument Studienhefte, no. 30
1990s top
1998 book Technology, War and Fascism - Volume 1 of Herbert Marcuse's Collected Papers
1999 book Correspondence on the German Student Movement - New Left Review no. 233
2000s top
2001 book Towards a Critical Theory of Society - Volume 2 of Herbert Marcuse's Collected Papers
2004 book The New Left and the 1960s - Volume 3 of Herbert Marcuse's Collected Papers
2005 book Heideggerian Marxism
2006 book Art and Liberation - Volume 4 of Herbert Marcuse's Collected Papers
2006 article Proust - Telos 134 168-171
2007 book The Essential Marcuse
2010s top
2010 book Philosophy, Psychoanalysis and Emancipation - Volume 5 of Herbert Marcuse's Collected Papers
2012 book The Dunayevskaya-Marcuse-Fromm Correspondence - 1954-1978: Dialogues on Hegel, Marx, and Critical Theory
2014 article Baran's critique of modern society and of the social sciences - Monthly Review 65:10
2014 book Marxism, Revolution and Utopia - Volume 6 of Herbert Marcuse's Collected Papers
2015 book Paris Lectures at Vincennes University - 1974: Global Capitalism and Radical Opposition
2017 book Transvaluation of Values and Radical Social Change - Five New Lectures, 1966-1976