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2005-07-10 people Carl Marcuse (1864 - 1948) family
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2018-04-15 lecture Lecture by Peter-Erwin Jansen: The absurd rationality of progress Jansen, Peter-Erwin
2018-06-09 panel Panel discussion of "Attempt at Liberation" at Linkes Forum Linkes Forum
2018-06-10 book New book by Charles Reitz: Ecology and Revolution Reitz, Charles ecology
2018-08-31 book New book in Italian by Renata Bascelli: For a concrete philosophy Italian Bascelli, Renata
2018-09-21 booksabout New book in Croatian by Maroje Višić: Critique and Resistance Croatian Višić, Maroje
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2019-01-20 book New Anthology about One-Dimensional Man 50 Years On (2017) One-Dimensional Man Maley, Terry
2019-02-25 paper Notes on Philosophy: reprint on 1963 essay in the Brandeis yearbook Brandeis
2019-03-01 booksabout Dissonância special issue on Herbert Marcuse (in Portuguese) Portuguese Abromeit, John D. Nobre, Marcos
2019-03-02 book New book: Routledge Companion to the Frankfurt School Frankfurt School
2019-03-03 mention Der Tagesspiegel Interview with Peter and Harold Marcuse burial Marcuse, Peter Marcuse, Harold
2019-09-05 paper Portuguese translation of 1960 article "From Ontology to Technology" Portuguese
2019-09-18 article New article: Political Positivism and Political Existentialism. Revisiting Herbert Marcuse Koutsogiannis, Alex
2019-10-26 event 2019 IHMS Conference "Critical Theory in Dark Times" IHMS Conference
Conference abstracts (and a video) now available
2020-10-19 mention NY Times Profile of Angela Davis Davis, Angela
2021-12-18 article New article: For Karl Marx, Alienation Was Central to Understanding Capitalism Musto, Marcello alienation Jacobin Magazine
2021-12-27 article New article: What Herbert Marcuse Got Right — and Wrong Cohan, Jeremy Serby, Benjamin One-Dimensional Man Jacobin Magazine
2022-01-03 article New article: How the 1960s institutionalized us Kimball, Roger Eros and Civilization Long March narcissism
2023-08-17 event 2023 IHMS Conference “Critical Theory in Motion: Dance into Multidimensionality” IHMS Conference
Conference schedule now available
2024-05-20 video New videos from the 2023 IHMS Conference in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany IHMS Conference